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When you buy the ‘Eberhardjes’ you help to spread the message to
‘Take good care of eachother’!


For Dutch click here

Because the Eberhardjes is a foundation with volunteers, it is not always possible to open the shop. However, we try to open the shop from monday till friday from 13:00 till 17:00.

When you want to buy the Eberhardjes and we are closed, you can find the Eberhardjes at the Museumshop of de Oude Kerk (our neighbours) and at these locations in Amsterdam.

Let’s do this together!

When you buy or sell the Eberhardjes, we take good care of the city and of eachother. If you are an inhabitant of Amsterdam or visitor, thanks for buying the Eberhardjes.

When you are an entrepreneur, with your own shop, you can also sell the Eberhardjes in your shop. Click here for more information.

Eberhardjes Amsterdam is a foundation. The more Eberhardjes we sell in Amsterdam, the more money we create together for beautiful projects in Amsterdam that aim at connecting the people of Amsterdam.

Yes! I want to participate!

Are you an entrepreneur?  Click here for more information.

Are you an inhabitant or visitor of Amsterdam Click here for the selling points

Do you have nice ideas for the Eberhardjes? Email us! ❤️

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