From now on, catching up over coffee or tea,
will not be complete without an Eberhardje


Eberhardjes cookies are heart shaped buttercookies featuring the coat of arms of Amsterdam, three Saint Andrew’s crosses, going right down the middle of the cookie. A true representation of the city of Amsterdam.


Not only the shape is significant, but so is the taste. One bite and you immediately notice the quality of the cookie, as well as the buttery taste with a hint of vanilla.

A cup of coffee

Eberhardjes cookies go wonderfully with a nice cup of coffee (or tea). The typical Dutch way to (re)connect and catch up with a loved one, or with someone you’ve just met.


A portion of the proceeds of the sold Eberhardjes will go to the ‘Eberhard voor Amsterdam’ foundation.

The Pastry Chefs

Experience and Enthousiasm

Cees Holtkamp, founder of Patisserie Holtkamp, first worked with the recipe back in 1955 when he studied at the Bisschoppelijke Nijverheidsschool (also known as BNS) in Voorhout.

Nico, current owner of Holtkamp Horeca Patisserie en Croquetten got the original recipe for the cookies from Cees Holtkamp. Nico spend his time, together with his co-workers, working out the recipe from Cees so that it suited for what now has become the Eberhardje cookie.

Continue to check our website for a behind the scenes making of the Eberhardjes cookies. Coming soon!

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