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From now on, catching up over coffee or tea,
will not be complete without an Eberhardje


Eberhardjes cookies are heart shaped buttercookies featuring the coat of arms of Amsterdam, three Saint Andrew’s crosses, going right down the middle of the cookie. A true representation of the city of Amsterdam.


Not only the shape is significant, but so is the taste. One bite and you immediately notice the quality of the cookie, as well as the buttery taste with a hint of vanilla.

A cup of coffee

Eberhardjes cookies go wonderfully with a nice cup of coffee (or tea). The typical Dutch way to (re)connect and catch up with a loved one, or with someone you’ve just met.


A portion of the proceeds of the sold Eberhardjes will go to the ‘Hart voor je stad’ foundation.



With an endless love for the city of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan was always looking for ways to bridge the gap, and bring people closer together.

This legacy led initiator and founder Résalieke Vlieger-Jansen, to find a way to continue to spread Eberhard’s message in a low key, easily approachable way for the people of Amsterdam to live in solidarity.

On October 12th, 2017, she woke up to the idea to bake cookies. Using the former mayor’s first name and connecting his love for the city and its people, the name Eberhardjes was born!

Getting started


Résalieke tried to get her idea subsidized. Unfortunately this was rejected, but she didn’t give up! When she read about another organization hosting the annual Freedom Feast, there was no doubt in her mind that her cookies belonged there as well.

After connecting with several of the organizers, her idea reached Nico Meijles (current owner of Holtkamp Horeca Patisserie en Croquetten). Bearing in mind that the cookie is meant as a symbol to connect, the two soon learned that they had been living on the same block! Nico immediately offered to ensure the making and baking of the cookies so that they could be presented at the Freedom Feast in May of 2018. At the same time, the cookies were added to the Holtkamp Horeca product range.

Fast Forward

Network of Entrepreneurs

While Nico focused on the design and taste of the cookies, Résalieke browsed her network in search for the design of a logo and website. Volunteering their services and expertise, Gunfactor 10, Burggraaf Media en Breeduit Marketing Communicatie en PR offered to help with the PR and communication.

Résalieke and Nico both agreed that the cookie should not only represent the connection but should also give back to the community, and so the idea of starting a foundation, emerged.

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